Testimonials from Happy Clients!

“I went to see Lynn because of bothersome heel pain. Thanks to Lynn’s loving healing hands – my heel got much better.  Thank you Lynn!”
~ Betsey St. Germain

“I originally came to Lynn for work on my Morton’s Neuroma, which has been reduced, but now return every other week for full-body relaxation that reflexology provides.


Without being told, Lynn can determine parts of my body that may be hurting and her reflexology helps reduce the pain. She has also helped prevent further development of a hammertoe.

I always leave totally relaxed and feeling that my body has had a full work out!”
~ Anne Pringle, Portland

“Hi Lynn, just wanted to thank you again for the incredible session today and your general kindness and expertise on reflexology as it effects us in relationships.

You really create a nice, safe, comfortable environment to relax and unwind, while also alleviating my body aches — all through the feet!

Thank you, you are fantastic at what you do and a lovely woman!”
~ Brennan Smith

I went to Lynn for a Morton’s neuroma after treatment from podiatry was unsuccessful. I work 12 hour shifts and the pain had become unbearable. After just 2 treatments the pain was all but gone! I continue monthly to keep it controlled and for the power nap!
~ Sue Roney